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Intellectual Remedies for the Paradoxal Parodies
A Story of an Otaku who ventured into the other side.
I do this for the echo.
(and not that fucking stupid dolphin)
((wtf would square of wasted it's time on that))
(((if it had mattered it would of been in KH.)))

Drop a comment if you feel like being added.
Also please check out my bio if you really want to know more before adding.</div></div>
I post up OST's to the Anime, Games & Albums Jpop/Jrock, I enjoy all in comprehensive mp3 format with complete id tags for easy listening. Just do me a favor. Thank me if you download something.

Any requests go to the request tag. ^.^

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Included in this Ebbed Away Collection for Angel Beats! is

Both Discs of the Original OST with Scans from the Inserts.
Girls Dead Monster - Keep the Beats! Bonus Tracks
& My Soul, Your Beats! (Rock Ver.) [Angel Beats! EP4 Opening]

Download the Torrent Here. http://www.mediafire.com/?fh9m7rpyysfvlie

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Like all things even I have to have a beginning. I plan on using this journal for my normal ranting and raving as well as to share albums I've collected of various games, animes and artists I enjoy from within the Jpop/Jrock realms. I do take requests.

Requests are made in the comments section. Again I only ask that if you make a request or download something then please put a thanks on here so I know I'm not just doing this for myself.

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Current Music: LiSa! - My Soul, Your Beats (Rock Version)

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I had an idea for an awesome Naruto amv. I'm going to put some of the ideas down and start a quick story board before picking my song.

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